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Matt Brower for Superior Court Judge


I am the ideal candidate to challenge Judge Gary Kreep in the upcoming election for California Superior Court Judge. I am keenly aware of the need for fairness and uniformity in the administration of the law. I am a motivated attorney with extensive litigation experience who as a Superior Court Judge would be tirelessly dedicated to upholding our state’s laws. Based on my experience as a Deputy District Attorney and Marine Judge Advocate I understand the need for judges to provide a fair and uniform application of our laws.


Throughout my career as a Deputy District Attorney and Judge Advocate in the Marine Corps I have prosecuted thousands of cases of which 48 have gone to trial. My cases have included homicides, rapes, and robberies. These cases range in seriousness from the notorious “Haditha Massacre” (as assistant prosecutor) to complex embezzlements involving numerous co-conspirators. As a result I bring a competitive breadth and depth of litigation experience to the bench.

I further bring to the bench significant experience in both international and operational law stemming from my work in the Marine Corps, including my current assignment at European Command in Stuttgart, Germany.


As a Judge Advocate in the Marine Corps Reserve, I have extensive experience as a Preliminary Hearing Officer (a magistrate hearing cases at preliminary hearing prior to felony trial). In this capacity I have presided over 40 such military preliminary hearings, including premeditated murders, complicated embezzlements, and many serious crimes of a sexual nature. This experience has made me particularly qualified to serve in the role of Superior Court Judge and sets me apart as a candidate due to my extensive experience actually presiding over many complex cases in court.

Service to Country

While on deployments as a judge advocate with Marine infantry battalions in Iraq and Afghanistan I garnered significant operational experience.

While in Al Anbar Province, Iraq, I worked extensively with our battalion’s rifle companies overseeing the processing of detainees, internal investigations, the payment of claims to civilians whose property had been destroyed, and engagements with local Iraqi authorities.

While in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, I frequently participated in kinetic targeting operations in our fight against the enemy.

These experiences have accentuated my coolness under fire, broadened my understanding of our nation’s role in the world, and enlightened my perspective of diverse cultures. These are all highly valuable attributes for those serving on the bench.


Neither the military information nor photographs imply endorsement by the Department of Defense or the United States Marine Corps.

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