Matt Brower For San Diego Superior Court Judge

Vote to restore ethical conduct to this Judicial Seat by electing someone who will treat all people with professionalism, dignity and respect.

About Matt

Matt is currently a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego and has extensive litigation experience. As superior court judge, Matt would be tirelessly dedicated to upholding the state’s laws.
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Why I'm Running

I want to restore ethical conduct to this Judicial Seat. Incumbent, Judge Gary Kreep has an extensive history of misconduct in this courtroom. A vote for me will remove bias from the courtroom.
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Matt has the endorsement of nearly every Democratic group in San Diego including the San Diego Democratic Party, numerous Judges, and many local law enforcement agencies.
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A contribution to Matt is a contribution to integrity.

Please help to support my efforts of restoring ethical conduct to this seat. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

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