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Del Mar Times - Two face off in contested judicial race

San Diego Union Tribune - Endorsement Matt Brower for Superior Court judge

San Diego Union Tribune - Q&A with Superior Court Judge candidate Matt Brower

San Diego Union Tribune - Meet the candidates for San Diego Superior Court Judge

East County Magazine - Our interview with Matt Brower - Candidate for Superior County Judge (Full interview here)

San Diego Free Press - Matt Brower for Judge | Candidate Profiles for the November 2018 Ballot



Washington Post - ‘Birther’ judge Gary Kreep accused of making crude and racist comments is still on the bench. For now.

San Diego Union Tribune - Disciplined judge Gary Kreep often absent from courtroom

Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association - Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association opposes reelection of undignified, unqualified "birther" judge on the November 6, 2018 ballot

San Diego Free Press - Judge Gary Kreep & Reasons to Avoid Slate Mailers

San Diego City Beat - Going down in Spookytown - San Diego Judge Gary Kreep Severely Censured by Judicial Commission

CBS San Diego - San Diego judge Gary Kreep charged with 29 acts of judicial misconduct

San Diego Union Tribune - State judicial discipline commission weighs fate of San Diego Judge Gary Kreep

ABC San Diego - San Diego judge Gary Kreep faces sexual harassment allegations, campaign rules violations

San Diego Reader - Judge Kreep sues state over pension plan

The Press Democrat - San Diego judge Gary Kreep commented on women's looks, called man 'little boy'

San Diego Union Tribune - Four file to run against disciplined Judge Gary Kreep

CBS Los Angeles - Lawyers Question Authenticity Of Obama’s Birth Certificate

State of California - Inquiry Concerning Judge Gary G. Kreep

San Diego Union Tribune - Disciplined judge Gary Kreep often absent from courtroom

San Diego Union Tribune - Judicial watchdog issues 'severe public censure' against Judge Kreep, who remains on bench

Above The Law - Gary Kreep

Los Angeles Times - State issues 'severe public censure' of San Diego judge Gary Kreep, but he will keep job

Fox San Diego - State panel disciplines local Superior Court Judge Gary Kreep

San Diego CityBeat - Gary Kreep

NBC San Diego - San Diego Judge Kreep Disciplined for 'Undignified' Conduct


ABA Journal - Judge receives 'severe public censure,' largely for misconduct showing lack of sensitivity


Nothing about the link to articles above posted on this campaign website is should be interpreted as adopting any of the statements made as being true by the campaign of Matt Brower for California Superior Court Judge. The purpose of posting these relevant articles here is to aid in informing the interested public in learning about the media exposure received by the candidates in this race.

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